go“ from English word  „ok“  meaning at ease; „HendiKup“  representing free creativity.

Since being established (2010) our civic association go-ok, we have came a long way and made considerable changes. In the first few years, our goal was to monitor and support accessibility in an innovative way – through a mobile application. The result of our efforts was the development and launch of another mobile application. The app was designed to search and monitoring of public reserved parking spaces for the disabled – app was called parking4disabled. Gradually, however, we realized that it is not enough just to point out the barriers, but it is necessary to directly contribute to their removal. Increasingly, we lacked a clear message to the public: “People with disabilities should not be represented by their” handicap “…  but by their abilities.” In mid-2017, we decided to transform our civic association and devote all available resources to break down the most insidious barriers, which are human prejudices.We have set our goal with our HendiKup project to actively raise awareness about people with disabilities, and present them as artists and artisans who can benefit society through their work.