We are simply different

We are unique eshop supporting a community of skilled artists and artisans with disabilities.

We invest in our esteemed artists and artisans more than any other e-shop selling handmade products

  • We approach each artisan (must be Disabled) individually. First of all, we must like his product and their most be chemistry between us.
  • All products offered on the website will be professionally photographed in the studio.
  • Our copywriters adapt profile texts and product descriptions into a professional and attractive form.
  • We interview all artisans and promote articles about them with paid advertising on social networks.
  • Our SEO experts will improve the searchability of new products.
  • We invest in paid Google advertising and create unique PPC campaigns for each artisan separately.
  • We participate in various cultural events or competitions, where we make HendiKup visible and sell the products of our artisans.
  • We address various organizations and companies and are constantly looking for new ways to sell products.
  • We provide our artisans with administrative and legal support. We protect them from insolvent clients by first requesting payment from the customer and processing the order only after receiving it on the account.

All these activities are challenging. If a team of experts had not helped us with this project, we would never have been able to pay for these services. But our volunteers trust the project as much as we do at HendiKup. We see this as an investment in our people that will pay off in our successful sales of products and, above all, in spreading our message that people with disabilities can be useful for society.

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    +421 949 577 777

    Responsible person:

    Marek Paulovič
    0043 699 1929 1197

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    Fotka Ivana Páleníka | Hendikup

    Ivan {Vio} Páleník

    CEO & Marketing Director & Headhunter
    Fotka Dianky Šilonovej | Hendikup

    Diana {Di} Šilonová

    Director of strategy & fundraising & events